At Outside Concepts, we’re all about helping Australians get outside more, into their outdoor living areas to relax and entertain. At this time of the year, however, particularly in a city like Melbourne, the heat can drive people indoors. So how can you spend more time in your Melbourne outdoor living area?

Here are our top tips for keeping cool in your Melbourne outdoor living area:

  • The first and most important step to keeping your outdoor living area cooler, whether you live in Melbourne, Mawson Lakes, Marrickville, Mackay or Mandurah, is to make sure your area is shaded, as shade can significantly reduce the heat. A roof is an obvious start, or you might prefer a deciduous climber over a pergola if you’d like to let winter sun in. Trees, shrubs, umbrellas and awnings can also be utilised.
  • Another great tip to keep the sun out is to invest in café blinds, from Outside Concepts. You’ll be able to see out, but the sun (as well as rain and pests) won’t be able to get in.
  • We all love a barbecue in summer but if your bbq is inside your Melbourne outdoor living area it’s going to increase the heat. Either cook further away or, at the very least, move your bbq once you’ve finished cooking.
  • Decks and pavers in the sun can get painfully hot on bare feet. Consider investing in an outdoor rug – your feet will appreciate it and you’ll brighten up your outside area too.
  • Some furniture, particularly metal furniture, can become hot to touch in warm weather. Cushions and tablecloths are a cheap solution or, if you need new outdoor furniture, choose materials such as wicker and wood.
  • If you’d still like your Melbourne outdoor living area to be cooler, it’s time to turn to technology. From the economical electric fans right up to a top of the range portable evaporative coolers, there is a range of products that can lower the temperature and keep you comfortable this summer.

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