Autumn is a fantastic time of the year, particularly with the beautiful colour of the deciduous leaves to admire. Which is all well and good when the leaves are on the trees, but somewhat of a pain when they fall on your timber decking.

Cleaning leaves, twigs, dirt and other material from your timber decking isn’t just a good idea to keep you deck looking good, it’s also good for it. Leaves and other debris that’s left on timber decking for long periods of time can lead to issues such as rotting and mould.

Tips to remove leaves and other debris from timber decking:

  • Let’s start with the most obvious, the common broom. It might take a little effort but cleaning your timber decking with a broom will do a good job. To make the exercise less of a hassle, buy a quality broom and look after it by hanging it or storing it upside down rather than on the bristles, as this will distort the bristles and make them less effective.
  • Power tool assistance will be handy, particularly if you have large timber decking. These days there are a variety of different power options to choose, including electrical, petrol-engine and battery operated. There are blower vacs that will help you blow the leaves and other debris into one place and then vacuum them up. You can also get varieties that look a little like vacuum cleaners, that you run along your timber decking to suck up the debris.
  • Getting leaves and other debris from between decking boards can be tricky. A common trick is to screw an L-hook or tape the end of a coat hanger to an old broomstick and run this between the boards. A putty knife or even a butter knife can also do the trick.
  • A pressure washer will also remove leaves and debris from your timber deck, although you’ll have less control over where the leaves go than using other options. Whether you use a pressure washer for the job or not, giving your timber decking a clean with a pressure washer – and perhaps some detergent or deck cleaner – every few months is also a great idea for keeping your deck in great condition.

Another tip, if you enjoy your garden. Don’t throw the leaves into the rubbish. Place them straight on the garden or compost them – your plants will love you for it!

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Cleaning autumn leaves from your timber decking is an ongoing exercise but a worthwhile one.