It’s an age-old question when the Summer heat hits – how do I keep my house cool? And for some parts of Australia, it’s a question that isn’t isolated to the Summer months. While there are many potential answers and a combination of solutions is often required, one solution that you should always consider is Adelaide outdoor blinds.

How can outdoor blinds keep your Adelaide house cool? It’s widely know that outdoor blinds or café blinds can do a great job of reducing the temperature inside your outdoor living area. But they can also prevent the sun’s rays from entering your house, one of the keys to keeping the temperature down. This is particularly the case if your outdoor living area is situated on the west side of your house.

A good example is this set of outdoor blinds, recently designed and installed by Outside Concepts for an outdoor living area. The client can’t believe the difference the blinds have made, not only in reducing the temperature in the outdoor area but also in her house.

By utilising a colour that closely matches the paint used in the outdoor area, the blinds also look great!

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Adelaide outdoor blinds can help keep your home cooler