There may have been a few less Christmas crackers let off around Sydney over this Christmas period, but that didn’t stop our Lane Cove branch from producing this cracker of a carport project for these homeowners in the Lower North Shore Sydney suburb.

As our branch manager in Lane Cove, Oliver, explains, the project wasn’t just to upgrade the existing carport but to improve the entire front of the home and garden area.

“The existing single carport and front garden was demolished to make way for the new large double carport,” Oliver says. “We also widened the driveway and council crossover, as well as implementing a full front garden makeover.”

Oliver kept with one of our guiding design principles when planning for the new carport or any outside structure. That is, it can be a great, or should we say cracker, idea to utilise a design that matches the house. The new Lane Cove carport achieves this with clever features such as the textured painted brick columns that are the same as used on the house. The colours used on the carport also match the home.

In addition, Oliver explains that a modern, flat double roof was chosen for the Lane Cove carport. To make this feature work perfectly with the house, the roof was built into the house by upgrading the veranda awning. This provides a seamless extension to the front of the house and gives the appearance that the carport is part of the home.

“The landscaping makeover included a new front entrance path and steps leading up to the raised veranda front entrance,” Oliver adds. “Rendered brick columns supporting new aluminium fencing, a new lawn, a feature garden area, and new plants and shrubs help to create a beautiful façade for the home.”

In fact, as we’re sure you’ll agree from the before and after images on this page, the entire front of the Lane Cove home has been completely transformed.

Customised Lane Cove carports

One of the key reasons that this Sydney carport project was so successful is that Outside Concepts specialises in providing customised designs. We don’t do cookie-cutter carports or carports that can be bought off the shelf.

The carports and other outside structures we produce are designed to meet the exact requirements of the homeowners they are built for. This means that no two outside structures are exactly the same. Yes, it provides more challenges and the cost may be a little more than non-customised options, but the results speak for themselves and for most Sydney clients the expense is worth it.

To find out how you can design and build a customised carport for your Lane Cove or Sydney home, get in touch with Oliver today. You can call 1800 601 674 and Outside Concepts will organise Oliver to contact you, otherwise head to Oliver’s branch page to submit a contact form. Oliver will then organise a time to meet you to discuss your requirements and ideas.