Here at Outside Concepts, we reckon it’s a great idea to get more from your outdoor structures, particularly as block sizes in city areas continue to shrink. Take your Launceston carport, for example. Using it as a temporary entertainment area is one way of extending its use, plus there are other things you can do.

Making the most of your carport

  • As we highlighted in the introduction, using your Launceston carport as a temporary entertainment area is a great idea. Simply park your cars on the street for a while, add a table, some chairs and a barbecue and you have an impromptu area to relax with family or entertain with friends.
  • If your carport is large enough, you could add some handy storage. It could be as simple as an outdoor storage box or cabinet. Or, if you want something more elaborate, you could add integrated storage. Just remember to ensure whatever storage option you choose is lockable (more on security later).
  • You could use your carport to generate power. Solar power that is. Your carport roof can be a perfect place to install solar panels and start generating power for your home.
  • A carport can be a great place for the kids to play, particularly when the weather is a little lousy. Swap the cars for some toys and you have a great covered space to keep the rain off your children’s heads.
  • Add a clothes horse or a more permanent retractable clothesline and you have a great space to dry your laundry when the weather is inclement.
  • Like to exercise but haven’t got space inside? The carport can provide an excellent alternative. Simply add some boxing or gym equipment, or a stationary bike or rower.

Get to work on your carport

If any of these ideas have merit for you, it can be a good idea to do a bit of work on your Launceston carport. For example:

  • The addition of lighting will extend your ability to use your carport when the sun goes down. Carport lighting is also valuable even if you only use the structure to park your cars.
  • With most carports at the front of the block, privacy can be a concern. To improve privacy, consider adding a garage door to your carport, screening or outdoor blinds.
  • A garage door will also help with security, particularly if there are items you want to leave in your carport. Motion sensor lighting and a security camera are other potential options.

Build a new carport in Launceston

Whether you want to use your carport to entertain, for extra storage, one of the other ideas above, or simply to park and protect your cars, Outside Concepts Launceston owner and manager Ray Heald is the person to help.

No matter what size carport you need, what style or what you intend to use it for, Ray can provide all the advice and know-how you need. He’ll even provide a free, no-obligation quote and design for you.

To get the ball rolling, phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 or submit a form on Ray’s branch page.

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17 April 2023 secondary

Want more from your Launceston carport? You can, with these tips from Outside Concepts.