While Launceston and Tasmania may have escaped the rain that wreaked havoc in NSW and Queensland, it’s a good reminder that the months when we generally get the most rain are fast approaching. So, particularly with Easter just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your outdoor living area and the rest of your home for the cooler, wetter months ahead.

What jobs should you focus on? Here are a few tips from our Outside Concepts Launceston branch to get your started in making your outdoor living area winter-ready.

6 tips to prepare your Launceston outdoor living area for winter

  1. Perhaps the most necessary job to do to prepare for rainy periods is to clean your gutters. While it may not be a fun job, it’s a necessary one as clogged gutters and downpipes can lead to water damage to your outdoor living area and home. Just remember to stay safe when working from heights.
  2. Prune back any trees that are scraping against your patio, pergola or verandah. It might also be a good idea to prune any branches that are overhanging your outdoor living area, as this will reduce the number of leaves that will accumulate in your gutters. While you’re at it, tidy up any vegetation that is encroaching on your outdoor space, getting messy or looking untidy.
  3. Do a visual inspection of your outdoor living area to look for any issues. Depending on your circumstances, look for flaking paint, corroded metal, a loose nail in the timber deck, a lifting roofing sheet or a tile that is broken or moved. Fix anything that you can straight away.
  4. If you have timber in your Launceston outdoor living area and the paint is looking a little faded, tired or worn out, Easter can be a great time to repaint. Remember to prepare well before painting and use a quality paint, and this is a job you won’t have to worry about for another ten years.
  5. Now, give your outdoor living area a really good clean. A good starting point is to remove all the cobwebs. Then, using a combination of a bucket, sponge and detergent, plus a high pressure washer or garden hose, give all surfaces a good clean.
  6. If you have a timber deck and it hasn’t been oiled for some time, Easter can also be a good time to tick off this job. Reoiling a timber deck is actually easier and quicker than most people think and the result can be truly stunning.
  7. Our seventh tip isn’t really a tip at all. It’s just a reminder that Easter is also a time to relax or entertain. So get into your Launceston outdoor living area and do just that once the jobs are done!

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Get your Launceston outdoor living area ready for winter.