When the first verandah was built in Launceston, it was probably designed primarily to keep the rain off work boots and working dogs, but the outdoor structure and its benefits have evolved a lot since then. For a start, the work boots are more likely to be designer runners and the working dogs swapped for a shih tzu or groodle, but that’s not the only ways in which verandahs have changed.



Launceston verandah history



Remember the iconic television advert from the 1970s for Holden? Its chorus was, “We love football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars.” We reckon the humble verandah could be added to this list, although, granted, it would have been difficult to include it in the jingle!



However, while Aussies may think of the verandah as their own, it in fact isn’t. The first such outdoor structure was built well before English settlement in Australia and centuries before we tacked one on the front of a cottage to keep our work boots dry. The word verandah had its origins in India or Portugal, depending on which story you believe, but once we did start building them in Australia we certainly adopted them as our own.



Incidentally, the Holden jingle is also something we adopted as our own. The original was first used by Chevrolet in the United States and the chorus was “We love baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet”, but that’s another story!



The Launceston verandah also has a long history and there are plenty of examples still in existence. For example, there’s a Victorian farmhouse in St Leonards built around 1900 that features a hipped front verandah, a house in Alanvale built around 1880, a pair of attached cottages in East Launceston built in approximately 1880 and a large Victorian house in West Launceston built around 1890 with a beautiful, detailed verandah.



Launceston verandah for today



Times have changed and so has the verandah. In Launceston, today, you’ll find these outdoor structures on many homes and while they are still used to keep your precious assets dry (including designer shoes and designer dogs!) they also come in mighty handy to keep the sun off your head and to provide a space for relaxing and entertaining.



The style of verandahs in Launceston have also changed. While there are still plenty of example of traditional styles, such as the bullnose varieties, you will also find many modern and contemporary examples. It’s all about designing and building a verandah that will match or complement your home.



Outside Concepts in Launceston



If you’d like to join the legions of fans of the humble verandah, there’s only one person to call if you live in Launceston or the surrounding areas of the north of Tasmania – Ray Heald.



Ray is the branch manager of Outside Concepts Launceston and he can help you with any outdoor structural project, including building a verandah for your new or existing home. As Ray says, one of the benefits of using Outside Concepts is that he can manage the entire project – from discussing the concept to the clean up once the job has been completed. This makes the process very easy and a no-fuss experience for clients.



To organise a no-obligation discussion with Ray, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 or submit a contact form on Ray’s website page.



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The Launceston verandah is as Aussie as football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars.


The Launceston verandah is as Aussie as football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars.