When it comes to verandahs in Launceston, there are those that are nice and practical (“Hey, your verandah looks good”) and there are those that are simply wow (“I can’t believe the difference your verandah makes to your home”). If you’re looking to build a new Launceston verandah and you want to make it more unbelievable than acceptable, here’s  Outside Concepts top tips. 

5 tips to a Launceston verandah with the wow factor

  1. Probably the most important thing you can do to make your Launceston verandah look special is not particularly special or remarkable. It’s simply to make sure it matches or complements your home. The best possible verandah that money can buy will still look unremarkable (at best!) if it’s stuck on the wrong house. Matching or complementing verahdahs is something that the average person can find difficult, but for Outside Concepts it’s one of our areas of expertise. 
  2. Think carefully about where you want to place your verandah. A verandah on the south of your home won’t get much sun, one on the east will get morning sun and so on. If you’re lucky enough to have a choice, a verandah on the north of your home is often the best option, as it will receive sun in the cooler months and protection in the warmer months. Remember to also consider the prevailing winds in your area and the normal direction of rain.
  3. How will you use your new Launceston verandah? Is it simply a place to frame the entrance of your home and to keep the rain off when entering and exiting, or will you use your verandah to relax and entertain? How you want to use your verandah will dictate how large it needs to be. Allow plenty of space for all your outdoor furniture and other items that you want to fit.
  4. Let’s talk budget. “Hang on”, you might think, “how can I have a Launceston verandah with wow factor on a budget?”. Granted, you don’t want to cut corners if you want a great looking verandah, but there are ways to get the most bang for your buck. Outside Concepts are experts in stretching your dollar further when building verandahs, patios, pergolas and carports. In addition, our fixed price guarantee means that the amount we agree on is the amount you’ll need to pay with no hidden expenses, unless there are unforeseen circumstances such as finding rock when digging holes for the posts.
  5. Finally, when your Launceston verandah is built, consider ways you can pimp it up. Think quality furniture, a great looking barbecue or outdoor kitchen, lighting, outdoor blinds, pots, vertical gardens and the garden surrounds.

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Looking for a new Launceston verandah with heaps of wow factor? Here are our 5 top tips.

5 top tips for a wow of a Launceston patio.