Let’s lift the roof on your Brisbane patio!

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If you’re thinking of installing a roof for your Brisbane patio and attaching it to your house, most householders – and many builders – look straight to the fascia of the house as the best attachment point, but there is another alternative that is often better.

The fascia, or the part of your house that the gutter generally attaches to, is okay as an attachment point for roofs for pergolas, patios, carports and verandahs in some cases, but not always. That’s because fascias are designed to hold the weight of gutters, spouting and eaves, and not necessarily the weight of a large roof.

Raising the roof on your Brisbane patio

The alternative is to attach the roof of your Brisbane patio to your house’s existing roof, with extenda brackets – special steel brackets that bolt onto your house’s roof structure and come in various lengths. When in place, the brackets are then used as an attachment point for your new roof. Weather sealing is made easy with special silicone cones and sealant.

As well as providing a safer, stronger attachment, the extenda brackets can be used to lift your new roof well above the height you could achieve when attaching it to a fascia. This can be extremely handy for a carport, for example, when more height is required for a boat or caravan. For a patio, or any outdoor living area, it and much higher roof line that allows an increase in light and ventilation, and helps to create the feeling of more space.

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Using extenda brackets to attach a carport, pergola, Brisbane patio or verandah to your house is a smart choice


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