One of the key decisions many people grapple with when building a new outdoor living area, such as a Canberra patio, is whether to add a roof or not. While there are benefits to both having and not having a roof on your outdoor living area, there may be an option you haven’t considered and that’s to have both!

There are a few options that are worth considering if you are unsure whether to add a roof to your Canberra patio or not:

  • The easiest and indeed cheapest method is to have a section of your Canberra patio with a roof and a section without. The roofed section will then be invaluable in rainy and hot, sunny weather, while the open section will be perfect to allow the sun in during cooler weather.
  • Another option is to add a polycarbonate roof. These roofing sheets allow sunlight in, but block most harmful UV rays, and will keep rain out. They also come in a range of different profiles and tints.
  • You might want to consider a retractable awning for your Canberra patio, which you can have open or closed depending on the weather and your needs. There are a variety of materials and options to choose from, including manual and motorised operation. You can even add a sensor that will automatically open the awning in windy weather, so it won’t get damaged, or close the awning in sunny or rainy weather.

So if you are stuck on whether to add a roof to your outdoor living area or not, think outside the square and consider one of the above options.

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Should you add a roof to your Canberra patio?