It’s little surprise that in these days of hi-tech gadgets and machinery, even the humble timber deck has gone hi-tech. In fact, it’s so hi-tech that we can safely say that the low maintenance deck is here (but we should we mention that it’s not really made from timber anymore?)

While there’s little doubt that a timber deck is a thing of beauty, it does have one feature that for some is a flaw – it requires regular maintenance to look it’s best and stand the test of time. Not a significant amount of maintenance – a good clean and re-oil every one or two years will suffice in most situations – but for some this time and effort may be too much.

So, if you’re the sort of person who prefers to relax or entertain on your deck than maintain it, you’ll be glad to hear that the low maintenance HardieDeckTM is here.

What is the low maintenance HardieDeckTM ?

For starters, yes, it isn’t actually timber. While it does look and feel like timber, HardieDeckTM is machined fibre cement. It comes in 19mm thick decking boards that are resistant to termite damage, are tough, hard wearing and will resist rot, water damage and splintering. This low maintenance deck can also be used in bushfire prone areas.

What’s more, a HardieDeckTM isn’t nailed or screwed in place like a traditional timber deck. It’s joined to the timber decking structure by a clever fixing system that you can’t see. So, no more unsightly nails or screws. And never again will there be a raised nail to stub your toes on!

Once laid (HardieDeckTM can be laid on a steel or timber structure) the boards are then painted in a durable paving paint or sealer. There’s a range of colours to choose from, so you can have a deck colour that matches or compliments your home.

If you’re on a budget, HardieDeckTM also stacks up quite well against traditional timber decking. It does cost more to purchase, however, because it’s quicker and easier to install, the overall price is not much more. Plus, when you consider the reduced cost of the re-oiling that your low maintenance HardieDeckTM doesn’t require, in the long term you’ll likely end up well ahead.

No longer can we say that timber decks are the only or even the best option. But we can say the low maintenance deck is here!

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HardieDeck is a low maintenance decking system that has many benefits for homeowners.