Imagine having low maintenance decking that has no screws or nails, and can be sealed or painted in a colour to match your house. Imagine a low maintenance deck that is resistant to termite damage and can be used in bushfire prone areas. Imagine low maintenance decking that is tough, hard wearing and resistant to rot, water damage and splintering.

Imagine no more. Introducing the HardieDeckTM system – the new breed in decking.

While HardieDeck looks and feels like timber, it actually contains no timber whatsoever. It is made from machined 19mm fibre cement decking boards that feature a clever fixing mechanism. Which is why you’ll see no unsightly nails when using HardieDeck.

HardieDeck can be laid on a steel or timber substructure, in much the same way as traditional timber decks. It’s exceptionally quick to lay and quick to paint or seal, only requiring one coat that will last many years.

In terms of cost, the HardieDeck low maintenance decking system will generally cost a little more than a standard timber deck, but is much quicker and easier to install, so the overall cost is not much more. When factoring in the costs of re-oiling and your time to undertake maintenance, the extra initial outlay can quickly pay for itself.

And the look? We think, and the images on this page show, that the HardieDeck looks fabulous.

What you will notice is the lack of maintenance. So, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 to organise a time for us to meet and chat about your needs.

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HardieDeck is a low maintenance decking system that has many benefits for homeowners.