One of the questions often posed to our team members is, how do I reduce my exposure to the elements in my outdoor living area?

There are a variety of things to consider when faced with this question, depending on your location and whether you’re looking to reduce your exposure to sun, rain, wind, heat, cold or a combination. Options can include café blinds, heating systems and screens and, particularly if you’re looking to reduce temperatures, insulated roofing panels.

Take a look at these examples, showing projects completed by Martin Harris and his team at Outside Concepts North Brisbane branch. All feature beautiful kwila decks and, most importantly, solarspan roofs to reduce the affect of the hot Queensland conditions.

Solarspan roofing panels and other insulated roofing systems are ideal if you’re trying to reduce the heat in your outdoor living area and indeed your home. Take a look at these potential benefits:

  • Insulated roofing panels block heat
  • The panels are low maintenance
  • They can reduce cooling costs inside the home
  • Panels are strong and durable
  • Insulated roofing can help reduce noise
  • Insulated roofing looks great can will add value to your number one investment

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Insulated roofing panels by Outside Concepts

Insulated roofing panels by Outside Concepts

Insulated roofing panels by Outside Concepts