Need somewhere to put your mower, bike or mother-in-law? Outside Concepts can design a carport to house almost anything, and that’s in addition to your car.

Have a look at this great little project. It’s in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains and it’s built by Richard van den Broek of Outside Concepts Sydney West. The owner wanted to protect his new car and provide a sewing studio for his partner. She needed light and a space about 3 metres by 4 metres.

Outside Concepts Sydney West designed and built this little beauty within council guidelines at a very tidy price. Framed in treated pine and clad with Baltic Pine weatherboard, the little studio sits neatly under a Colorbond carport roof. A small awning is created by the setback from the slab edge which also helps in weatherproofing the space.

If you need creative design to suit your specific needs and site—ask us—we are the outdoor living specialists—and what we do, we do really well!