When it comes to planning a new carport for your Melbourne home, selecting the right materials is crucial for creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing structure. The choice of materials not only influences the carport’s durability and maintenance requirements, but also contributes to its overall visual appeal.

A timber carport for natural beauty and timeless appeal

Take the case of the featured image for this blog. It shows a Melbourne carport predominantly built from timber, with a Colorbond roof.

Here are some reasons to consider building your carport from timber:

  1. Timber carports offer aesthetic versatility that most other material can’t. They can be painted in a colour to suit your home, or stained or oiled to let the natural variations, knots and grain of the timber shine through.
  2. Timber carports exude a natural elegance that harmonises with a range of architectural styles.
  3. Timber radiates warmth and character, adding a welcoming ambiance to your outdoor space. The natural textures and grains of wood create a sense of comfort that complements various landscaping themes.
  4. Timber is remarkably versatile when it comes to carport design. It can be easily shaped, carved, and detailed, allowing for intricate architectural features and personalised touches.
  5. A carport built from timber is eco-friendly, particularly if you use certified sustainable timber.

A steel carport for strength and modern appeal

The other image on this page shows a Melbourne carport built largely from steel.

Here are some reasons to consider building a carport using steel:

  1. For durability and longevity, it’s hard to beat steel. Steel is resistant to pests, rot and virtually anything the Melbourne weather can throw at it.
  2. If you’re looking for a low maintenance solution, steel is it. The structure will need virtually no maintenance after it’s erected. An occasional clean is all that’s required.
  3. Steel carports lend a modern and sleek appearance to outdoor spaces. All components can be ordered in a range of colours to suit your home and space.
  4. Steel’s inherent strength allows for more open and airy designs, as the spans between posts or other supports can often be greater than for timber.
  5. Building with steel can be a more economical and quicker solution, as all components are prefabricated and delivered to site ready to be assembled.

Having trouble deciding?

Choosing between timber and steel carports can sometimes be difficult, but really you can’t go wrong. Both materials can create a functional and stylish carport that complements your property and offers protection for your vehicles.


Both carports pictured on this page were built by Kose and the team from Outside Concepts’ North Western & Western Melbourne branch. The owner of the timber carport, Sue, recently left a very complementary review of her project for our team.

“Thanks to Kose from Outside Concepts for completing our brand new carport. The design and build quality is outstanding. Very happy with the service and would highly recommend to others.”

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If you’re considering building a new carport for your Melbourne home, timber and steel are two of the main options when it comes to choosing materials.

If you’re considering building a new carport for your Melbourne home, timber and steel are two of the main options when it comes to choosing materials.