Compare the pair of Melbourne carports on this page. While at first glance they look very different, there is one key aspect that is the same. Can you spot it?

Both carports were built recently by Kose and his team from our North Western & Western Melbourne branch.

The featured image shows a carport built in Pascoe Vale. After discussing design options with the homeowners, and the all-important budget, the decision was made to build a flat roof carport rather than one with a gable roof. Budget wasn’t the only reason – the carport also adds a lot of style to the property.

The other image shows a carport built in Brunswick. The homeowner’s brief was for a modern design and a structure that could also be used an as outdoor entertainment area. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the hardwood merbau posts and beams, which were stained to finish off the project.

The flat roof Melbourne carport

You’ve probably noticed by now that both projects are examples of carports with flat roofs. Flat roof carports offer numerous advantages for homeowners looking to protect their vehicles while enhancing their property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Firstly, and perhaps most important, flat roof carports do a great job of providing protection for cars. Protection from the elements, such as sun, rain and hail. This means that flat roof carports can help extend the lifespan of your vehicles by preventing weather-related damage, such as rust and paint fading.

Flat roof carports are also versatile in design. They go alongside various architectural styles and property layouts. Whether you have a modern or traditional home, a flat roof carport can complement the design seamlessly, enhancing your property’s overall appearance.

Another benefit of flat roof carports is their space-saving design. Unlike sloped roof carports, which require additional clearance for the roof pitch, flat roof carports can be installed in areas with limited space, such as narrow driveways or small yards. This makes them ideal for urban homes or properties with restricted outdoor space.

Another important aspect of a flat roof carport is they can be more affordable than other roof styles. While you can certainly design and build a flat roof carport, full of features and with no expense spared, if you’re on a budget their simple design can help keep costs down.

Like most other roof styles, flat roof carports also offer flexibility in terms of customisation. Homeowners can choose from a wide range of materials, colours and accessories, such as gutter systems, downpipes and integrated lighting, to enhance functionality and aesthetics further.

Is your ideal Melbourne carport a flat roof carport?

In summary, flat roof carports offer a range of benefits, including excellent weather protection, versatility in design, space-saving features, customisation options and affordability. They can also increase your properties value – handy when it comes time to sell.

Whether you’re looking to protect your car from the elements or enhance your property’s curb appeal, a flat roof carport is an excellent investment for any homeowner.

To get a quote on a flat roof carport for your Melbourne home, if you live in the north western and western suburbs of Melbourne, you can submit a form  on Kose’s page. Alternatively, you can phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674.

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A flat roof carport won’t leave you feeling flat. Upgrade your home with a stylish flat roof Melbourne carport.
A flat roof carport won’t leave you feeling flat. Upgrade your home with a stylish flat roof Melbourne carport.