There’s little doubt that a timber deck can be as beautiful as it is practical, but what do you do if your Melbourne deck’s best years were last century? What do you do if your Melbourne deck is sagging, splitting, lifting and generally in a poor state of affairs?

You’ve essentially got two choices: rip it up and replace it or, if your deck is in reasonable condition, give it some much necessary maintenance.

Replace your Melbourne deck

There comes a time for any deck when it’s best to rip it up and replace it. Individual boards that are warped, split or lifting can be replaced, but when most of the boards are in poor condition, or the underlying structure is causing issues, it’s time to start again.

You could simply replace the deck with exactly the same design, however, why not look at doing a new design? Perhaps your new deck could be larger or smaller, be two tiered, have integrated steps or planter boxes, or another feature that will suit your needs and set your Melbourne deck apart.

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Maintain your Melbourne deck

December in Melbourne is a great time of the year to perform maintenance on your deck. It’s generally dry, warm and you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of your work for the rest of summer. It’s why one of the leading decking oil manufacturers promotes this time of the year as Deckcember!

Which leads us nicely to the good oil on decks… You should re-oil your deck regularly to keep it looking and performing its best. While the thought of re-oiling a deck is daunting to some people it’s actually quite easy:

  • Give your deck a good clean with a stiff broom to remove all debris.
  • Fix any issues with your deck, such as raised nails or holes that need puttying.
  • Clean your deck. It’s a good idea to use a commercial deck cleaner as its specially formulated for the job and will help remove all stains and stuck on material. Follow the directions on the pack and make sure you wash off the cleaner thoroughly.
  • Once your deck is dry, apply oil. You can use a roller or large brush but a decking applicator makes the job even easier. Water-based decking oil is an excellent choice as it dries quickly, allowing you to add subsequent coats on the same day.
  • Apply one or two more coats of oil, following the directions on the tin in regards to drying time.
  • Sit down, have a cold beverage and admire your work!

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A Melbourne deck can be as beautiful as it can be practical