create your space Where will you locate your Melbourne pergola?

Where will you place your new Melbourne pergola?

A pergola – or a patio if you decide to cover your structure – is an attractive and valuable addition to any house and will create a world of entertainment and relaxation opportunities for you and your family. But to make the most of your pergola, locating it in the right place is vital.

Level up your pergola

One consideration when thinking about the best location for your Melbourne pergola is the level. Pergolas are generally built on level ground, but if you’re looking to create a bit of height – or perhaps make the most of a view – there’s no reason why you can’t build your pergola over a raised deck. If you have a second story, you might also consider incorporating a pergola into a balcony.

Freestanding or Attached

Another consideration will be whether to have your Melbourne pergola freestanding or adjoined to the house. If you have a little space, pergolas look fantastic freestanding, particularly when incorporated with some beautiful climbing plants. However, if space is limited or you prefer a pergola adjoining the house, then you’ll likely want consider your home’s external doors. For example, if you like to eat outside, a pergola near the kitchen door can be a great idea.

Casting some shade

Another factor to consider is the sun. Melbourne summers can get hot so if you’ll mainly be using your pergola in the warmer months take this into consideration. A pergola on the south-side of your house will suit best. Alternatively, if you want a pergola to make the most of the winter sun, a north facing pergola (or potentially east or west) will be best.

Call the experts

Still unsure where to locate your Melbourne pergola? Why not call in the pergola experts? Outside Concepts has significant experience in designing and building pergolas in the Melbourne area and can help you with all the important decisions.

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