If we had to count the number of timber decks we’ve built for Melbourne homes, we’d have to get all hands on deck to help us out. There are so many, we’ve lost count. So, you know, when you choose Outside Concepts, we’ve got the experience to build a great timber deck for your home.

Customised Melbourne timber decks

One of the interesting things about the timber decks we’ve built in Melbourne – and it would be hundreds – is that none of them would be the same.

They’d all be different sizes and configurations. Some would feature Merbau decking boards, while others would be made from treated pine or another hardwood. Many would be square or rectangular, while some would be curved. Some would be relatively simple, others would include bench seats, raised garden areas, screens and other features.

That’s because we only build customised timber decks in Melbourne and around the rest of Australia. So, when you come to us for a new timber deck, we will design and build one that’s just right for you. We may have built hundreds of timber decks, but your project will still be unique!

Why a timber deck and not another material?

If you are pondering adding a deck to your home, timber may not be the only material to cross your mind. Other potential options include pavers (bluestone, sandstone, concrete, etc.), bricks and concrete.

Here are 5 reasons why a timber deck for your Melbourne home is a great choice:

  1. The other options for surfacing a deck are all very hard surfaces. There’s no give and they are harsher on feet, furniture and anything you may drop.
  2. Timber decking will generally be less hot on bare feet in sunny weather and less slippery when wet.
  3. Timber decking isn’t cheap, but it can be a less expensive option than other materials.
  4. If your deck needs to be raised, this is where timber excels. While you can use other materials, a timber deck will be easier and cheaper to install.
  5. Timber decks do require maintenance, but so do most other options to prevent stains. For a timber deck, the only maintenance required is an occasional clean and a re-oil (in the case of hardwoods such as Merbau) every year or two.
  6. Timber decks, in our humble opinion, simply look better. Nothing adds more wow factor to a patio, verandah or pergola than a timber deck.

Outside Concepts designs and builds timber decks in the Berwick area

Ahoy, there me hearties in the Berwick area! If you live in Beaconsfield, Berwick, Officer, Packenham and surrounding areas, then Darren Cooper from Outside Concepts is the person to contact to design and build your new timber deck.

Yes, like our other branch owners, Darren has built hundreds of timber decks. However, he understands that you haven’t, so he’ll take the time to go over the options and requirements and provide any advice you need.

You won’t feel like you’re about to walk the plank when you use Outside Concepts. Contact us today!

Life’s too short to compromise. Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 for a free quote.

Don’t feel like you’re about to walk the plank when you design and build a new timber deck for your Melbourne home.
Don’t feel like you’re about to walk the plank when you design and build a new timber deck for your Melbourne home.