If you’re looking to create a new outdoor living area for your Melbourne home, there are lot of options to choose from. These include tiles, stone, pavers, concrete and even budget options such as artificial grass and gravel. And then, of course, there is our favourite, the timber deck.

So, let’s look at this with a bit more vigour. Let’s build the case for the Melbourne timber deck and help you bring the gavel down on the best option for your home.

The case for the Melbourne timber deck

  1. Our first key point of evidence is that unless you go for the budget options, a Melbourne timber deck will generally cost you less to install than other hard surfaces, such as tiles and pavers. In fact, if you’re really focussed on budget, you can choose a treated pine timber deck, which will really help to keep costs down and perhaps leave more cash in hand for new outdoor furniture and a new barbecue.
  2. If you need to raise your outdoor surface, say for example to meet the level of your home, a timber deck is an even better choice. While you can use other materials if you wish, the cost of raising the level of the surface will make the overall price even higher.
  3. It almost goes without saying, but a well-built timber deck is stunning and provides wow factor. This is particularly the case if your budget can afford to stretch for the extra cost of hardwood (such as merbau and eucalyptus species) but even softwood such as treated pine has a beautiful, natural look.
  4. A Melbourne timber deck will provide a bit more give and will be less harsh on bare feet than hard surfaces such as tiles, concrete and pavers, and certainly more than gravel! In addition, a timber deck will often be cooler in hot weather and less slippery when wet.
  5. A Melbourne timber deck will be an investment that, with regular maintenance, will last as long as your home. Due to its strength and durability, it will serve you and your family well over the years ahead and will pay dividends if you decide to sell your home in the future.
  6. We did mention maintenance, which can be viewed by some to be a negative for timber decking, but in reality all surfaces need maintaining and in some ways timber decks are easier to maintain than other options. A good clean every now and again and reoiling every year is all that’s required to keep your new Melbourne timber deck looking virtually brand new. It should also be added that the reoiling process is easier and quicker than you may think.

Of course it should be said that if this case goes to trial we’ll have to excuse ourselves due to conflict of interest, as timber decks are one of our bread and butter projects. However, the case is quite compelling, we’re sure you’ll agree. You be the judge and choose the best outdoor living surface for your needs and, if you find in favour of timber deck, give us a call.

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Case for the Melbourne timber deck closed!

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You be the judge, but we reckon the Melbourne timber deck ticks all the boxes.
You be the judge, but we reckon the Melbourne timber deck ticks all the boxes.