Melbourne is famous for a lot of things, including footy, the Yarra, street art and multicultural cuisine. There’s one thing, however, the city is perhaps more renowned for than all these and that’s coffee.

In Bayside Melbourne, every day you’ll find Melburnians seeking out their coffee in café strips like Hampton Street, Church Street and the Beaumaris Concourse. But why go out when you can have a great coffee at home under your verandah. You’ll save a bit of money and beat the Bayside crowds.

Set up your Melbourne verandah for a relaxing coffee

Setting up your verandah for relaxing with a coffee involves creating a cosy and inviting outdoor space. A place where you can enjoy your cuppa and take a moment out of a busy day to relax.

Here are some tips, brought to you by Outside Concepts Bayside Branch:

  1. Choose comfortable seating options like lounge chairs, Adirondack chairs or cushioned seats. Make sure the seating is weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use.
  2. Place a table – a small one will do – in the centre of your seating area. It should be the right height for holding coffee cups, snacks and reading materials.
  3. Define your verandah coffee nook area with an outdoor rug. This not only adds comfort underfoot but also helps visually separate the space.
  4. Make sure you have protection from the elements. If your Melbourne verandah doesn’t have a roof, an umbrella or retractable awning are good options.
  5. For the ultimate outdoor coffee nook, create an outdoor coffee station. Stock it with your coffee maker or French press, mugs, sugar and other essentials.
  6. Add throw pillows, blankets, and cushions to your seating for extra comfort and luxury. Choose colours and patterns that complement your outdoor decor.
  7. Add some potted plants, hanging baskets or a vertical garden to bring nature closer to you and your verandah.
  8. If you enjoy your coffee very early or later in the night, install outdoor lighting. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive. A simple set of string lights, lanterns or even tea candles will create a warm and inviting ambiance for early morning or evening coffee sessions.
  9. Consider purchasing a small Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music or podcasts while you relax with your coffee.
  10. Keep your verandah clean and well-maintained. Regularly sweep away leaves and debris, clean furniture, and replace any worn-out cushions or decor.
  11. Ultimately, make your verandah coffee nook your own. Add personal touches, like your favourite books or magazines, to create a space that feels uniquely yours.

Need a new Melbourne verandah?

If this blog has enticed you to create your own Melbourne outdoor coffee nook, but you don’t have a verandah, we have the solution. Call Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674.

We’ll get David Buntin from our Bayside Branch to get in contact to arrange a no-obligation discussion. If you can make a coffee to enjoy with the discussion that would be nice, but optional!

Looking for a solution to your outdoor lifestyle? Call us now for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

Turn your verandah into a coffee nook to rival a famous Melbourne laneway.
Turn your verandah into a coffee nook to rival a famous Melbourne laneway.