Let’s face it, while there are ways to warm up your verandah, with Melbourne in the depths of winter it is tempting to stay inside. However, always remember, as day follows night, the seasons will soon change. Which means before you know it the sun and warmth will be shining on your outdoor living area and you’ll be looking to get outside to relax and entertain again.

So, if you are considering adding a new verandah to your Melbourne home, now is the time to plan. Which means it’s also the time get in contact with Ron Matz, if you live in the north eastern areas of the city. He’s our North Eastern branch manager and he can make the process of designing and building a new verandah extremely easy.

The new Melbourne verandah process

What is the process like when you choose Outside Concepts North Eastern branch to build your new verandah:

  1. It begins with a visit from Ron. He’ll ask questions such as where do you want your new verandah to be located, what will you use it for and how large do you want it to be. This will provide him with a solid understanding of your needs.
  2. Ron will then provide a free quote and design. As well as building hundreds of outdoor structures for clients, Ron’s an experienced designer and will ensure your verandah design will meet your needs and compliment your home perfectly.
  3. You then decide to go ahead with Outside Concepts… Or not. There’s no obligation.
  4. If you do go ahead with us, we’ll then help you through any necessary red tape, such as local council approvals. Ron’s area covers multiple councils, each with their own requirements, however, he’s familiar with them all and can make the process as simple as possible.
  5. Once the red tape has been taken care of, the process really ramps up and building can begin. A simple verandah may only take a couple of days to complete, while even a large one is likely to take less than a week. Some clients prefer to do some of the work themselves, for example, organise their own trades or do any painting required. However, Ron can look after everything for you, which is what most client choose to do.
  6. After the build is complete, Ron will clean up the site completely and you can simply enjoy your new verandah. It’s time to organise a family gathering or invite friends around for a party!

Get your new verandah for less than you might expect

Getting a new verandah custom designed and built for your Melbourne home, with nothing for you to do other than make a few decisions, may sound expensive, but it’s not.

Our quotes are very competitive. So competitive that we guarantee we won’t be beaten on any comparable written quote. We also have a fixed price guarantee, which means we will build your verandah for the amount you agreed on, unless there are any unforeseen circumstances.

So, when we say you can relax and let us get on with building your dream verandah, we mean it!

Concept to clean up. Call Outside Concepts for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

Need a new verandah for your Melbourne home? Our process makes it easy and less expensive than you might expect.
Need a new verandah for your Melbourne home? Our process makes it easy and less expensive than you might expect.