If you’ve been considering a new verandah for your Melbourne home, you’ve probably been trawling the Internet searching for Melbourne verandah designs, for inspiration and ideas.

To get you even more inspired, here our some tips from Outside Concepts, to ensure your verandah is the pick of the street.

Melbourne verandah designs and ideas:

  • It’s a common theme that you’ll see throughout many of our blogs – choose a verandah style that will match or compliment your home.
  • Carefully consider the materials that you use. They need to also compliment your home and compliment your approach to maintenance. If you want low maintenance, steel or aluminium is your best choice. If you don’t mind a bit of painting every few years, timber can be a great character-filled choice.
  • It isn’t just structural materials that you’ll need to choose. There are many roofing choices as well. Roofing tiles and Colorbond or other steel sheeting are common options, as is polycarbonate sheeting. The later is great to let light in.
  • Consider the prevailing winds and the direction your new verandah will face, to ensure you get adequate coverage from rain and sun.
  • Don’t just look up; look down. If your deck, paving or other hard surface is in poor quality or non-existent, fix this as part of your verandah project. It’s much better and more economical to combine the projects rather than doing them in isolation.

And now for our top tip.

Once you’ve done some research stop trawling the Internet for Melbourne verandah designs and give the verandah experts a call. We’ve built thousands of verandahs and can give you the advice you need to turn your verandah dream into a reality.

A recent testimonial from an Outside Concepts customer, who had a verandah installed:

Thank you for working with me on the recent project. The finished verandah is superb and testament to your project management skills. I was impressed with the quality of the workmanship and hope to engage your company again in any future projects.

— Bruce Ferabend.

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