When envisioning the ideal verandah for your Melbourne home, the choice between timber and steel surfaces as the primary materials. Which is better for your Melbourne verandah?  Each material brings distinct qualities and considerations to the table, influencing the overall look, maintenance needs, durability and even the character of your outdoor space.

Melbourne timber verandah

A timber verandah exudes a timeless charm and warmth that can enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor area. Its natural grains and textures offer a rustic, inviting ambiance, which complements various architectural styles.

One of timber’s key strengths is its versatility. It can be easily customised to match specific design preferences, allowing for various finishes, stains or paints to achieve the desired aesthetic. This flexibility offers Melbourne homeowners ample creative freedom in shaping the verandah’s look.

To get the charm of timber for your verandah without the issues timber can bring, always use treated timber. By using treated timber, there will be no issues with rot, insect infestation or moisture damage. Plus, your verandah will be almost maintenance free. 

Melbourne steel verandah

Steel boasts exceptional durability, withstanding harsh weather conditions and Melbourne’s unpredictable climate. It’s highly resistant to rot, pests and moisture, making it a durable choice for verandahs that require minimal upkeep.

Steel structures offer excellent support and can last for decades without significant wear or damage. They maintain their structural integrity, providing stability and strength, making them a reliable option for long-term use.

While steel might not evoke the same natural warmth as timber, it offers a sleek, modern aesthetic. It’s available in various designs and finishes, providing options for contemporary or industrial-style verandahs.

Compared to timber, steel can require less maintenance (if you don’t use treated timber). It doesn’t need regular sealing or painting, reducing ongoing upkeep efforts. Occasional cleaning to prevent corrosion or rust is typically sufficient.

Choosing the right material for your verandah

Often the choice between timber and steel comes down to personal preference. You should consider the overall style and vibe you wish to achieve. Timber aligns well with a more classic or traditional look, while steel leans towards a modern, minimalist feel.

Plus, you should also consider maintenance requirements. While the upkeep on timber isn’t onerous, if you prefer little or no maintenance, steel may be a better choice.

There is one other factor that you should always consider when choosing materials for your verandah and that’s your home.

Take the two images on this page of verandahs built by Kose and his team from our North Western & Western Melbourne Branch. The main image features a steel structure, built alongside a modern home. The other image features a timber structure, fronting an older style weatherboard home. The choices in both cases complement the houses perfectly.

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When it comes to materials matters for a new Melbourne verandah, timber and steel are prime choices.
When it comes to materials matters for a new Melbourne verandah, timber and steel are prime choices.