If you live in Marion or another southern suburb of Adelaide, chances are the cold weather is hitting hard this week. While last week the maximums were in the twenties, this week they’ve plummeted to the low teens and there’s no improvement in sight for the next few months. Which it’s why it’s time to warm up to roller shutters for your Adelaide home.

Why roller shutters are perfect in Adelaide during winter

For many homes, more heat is lost through windows than any other single source during the colder months. In fact, Sustainability Victoria claim that a single pane of glass can lose around ten times as much heat as the same area of insulated wall. Which means your comfort is going to be compromised and your energy bills are going to be higher than they need to be.

Quality blinds can help, but the best way to keep the heat in, where it’s needed, is roller shutters. The roller shutters that Outside Concepts sells and installs feature a high-density polyurethane core, which insulates your windows extremely well. This means the heat loss from your windows will be significantly reduced, increasing your comfort and reducing energy costs.

Roller shutters are perfect for your Adelaide home any time of the year

While roller shutters in Adelaide are particularly advantageous during the cooler months, they are far from ineffective at other times of the year. For example, the same insulation that keeps the heat in during winter will keep the heat our during the hot weather, which again will help with comfort levels inside your home and keep energy costs to a minimum.

In addition, roller shutters installed on your Adelaide home will:

  • Be particularly useful during the hot months on windows that receive direct sunlight, particularly those windows to the west that receive direct sunlight at the hottest time of the day.
  • Work a treat in keeping noise from entering your home, thanks again to the polyurethane core and the aluminium alloys used to manufacture roller shutters. Perfect if your living area or bedroom faces a busy road or you have noisy neighbours.
  • Help to keep thieves from targeting your Adelaide home. Windows are a common entry point for thieves, but if your home has roller shutters installed it’s likely to be more effective in keeping thieves out than your designer dog that roams the backyard!
  • Be extremely easy to use. Today’s roller shutters can be partially closed and can be operated by remote control, wall switch or even sun sensor.  
  • A style addition to your home. Gone are the days when roller shutters were considered somewhat ugly. The roller shutters that Outside Concepts sells are aesthetically appealing.

If you live in the southern suburbs of Adelaide (including Aldinga, Christies Beach, Happy Valley, Marion, Morphett Vale and Parkside) contact our Marion branch to get a quote on having roller shutters installed. Craig Arthur and his team at our Marion branch can help to keep you warm this winter!

Life’s too short to compromise. Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 for a free quote.

Roller shutters on your Marion or Adelaide home will help to keep the warmth inside, where it belongs, this winter.
Roller shutters on your Marion or Adelaide home will help to keep the warmth inside, where it belongs, this winter.