One of the biggest trends in Australia, and in fact worldwide, is to blend the inside and the outside living areas, and that’s certainly true on the Mornington Peninsula. With our coastal and bush aspects, seamlessly flowing the inside to the outside is a key feature that most people are looking for, so let’s see how you can achieve it.

6 tips for blending the inside with your outdoor living area on the Mornington Peninsula

  1. We’re often banging on about having an outside structure that perfectly matches or complements your home and, when looking to create a seamless blend from the inside to the outside, this is even more important. It’s not just about matching or complementing the style of the structures, it’s also about materials. For example, if you have timber floors inside your house, timber decking outside will help blend the two areas. Colour is also important, so use similar paint colours outside as you do inside and, when choosing a timber decking board, choose a colour that is similar to your inside flooring.
  2. Your choice of outdoor furniture should also complement your inside furniture. It doesn’t need to be the same, of course, but the key word here is complement. Look for similar tones, colours and materials.
  3. You wouldn’t clog up all the space inside your home with furniture and other items, so don’t do the same outside. If space allows, provide plenty of room between your furniture, bbq and other items. And if you do have the space for a living and dining setting outside, create different zones to separate these spaces, as you would inside.
  4. One of the key differences between inside rooms and many outside living areas is the lack of ceilings, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Adding a ceiling to your Mornington Peninsula outdoor living area will help create the seamless blend between inside and outside you are looking for. Adding lighting that is similar to your inside lights will also help. 
  5. One of the biggest things you can do to improve the blend between the inside and the outside is to have wide doors leading out to your outdoor living area. These days, bi-fold doors are particularly popular and are perfect for when the weather is warm – simply open the doors and let the outside in. Try to choose doors with minimalistic frames so that they don’t impede the views when shut. Also, choose doors that allow you to have the inside and outside flooring virtually meeting. The reduced border will amplify the seamless feel.
  6. Don’t forget to save a little cash to improve the garden surrounding your Mornington Peninsula outdoor living area. A nice garden, with healthy plants, helps to create serenity and calmness and we all need a bit more of that these days!

The Mornington Peninsula outdoor living experts

If you need help to improve your outdoor living area – or need a new deck, patio, pergola or verandah built to improve the outside inside blend – give the outdoor living experts a call. Outside Concept’s Phil Cassar is the branch manager on the Mornington Peninsula and can help you achieve your dreams.

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Want to create the inside outside blend for your Mornington Peninsula outdoor living area? See our 6 tips.