We’ve highlighted before in our blogs how it can be a clever idea to use your carport as an occasional entertainment area. Simply wheel the cars out, move the outdoor furniture and barbecue in and let the entertainment begin. Great idea! There are other ways, however, to make your carport a multi-use outside structure. Let’s take a closer look.

The combo carport and entertainment area

While it’s okay to use your carport occasionally as an entertainment area, for more regular use a separate outdoor living area is a better idea. But, perhaps they don’t need to be totally separate.

Take the example of Outside Concepts clients in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs. The homeowners wanted a double carport and a large entertainment area built against their existing house. But, instead of building two separate structures, with the help of our Ferntree Gully Branch they built one structure instead. The result is a large structure that not only looks great, but can also fit two cars, a barbecue, seating, heating and enough people to hold a party.

One of the tricks with this type of carport/entertainment area combo is to split the two areas for safety and aesthetic reasons. In the case of the above clients, they used a fence, but you could also use screening or vegetation.

The combo carport and storage area

We all seem to need more space to store stuff, so another great way to extend the use of a new carport is to include storage within the structure.

That’s exactly what Outside Concepts clients in the outer-Melbourne suburb of Warrandtye decided to do, although, to be fair, to call the final outcome a carport and storage area would be downplaying the significance of the structure. That’s because, with the homeowners living on 20 acres near a National Park, they included a fire shelter in the structure as well.

The 3-car carport with a storage shed on one side and a fire shelter on the other, was designed and built by our Templestowe Branch. The entire structure was built to satisfy stringent building regulations, using predominantly brick and steel.

The result is a multi-purpose carport that is not just practical and aesthetically pleasing, it’s a potential lifesaver!

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The rear of the multi-purpose carport is an entertainment area
A carport, storage unit and fire shelter in one