In real estate terms, street appeal is gold. Unfortunately, if you’d looked at this home in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg a few months ago you’d quickly see that the gold was very much tarnished.

The major thing bringing down the home was the front verandah, so the homeowners called in Outside Concepts’ North Western & Western Melbourne branch to remedy the situation.

Melbourne front verandah gets golden makeover

As you can see from the photo at the bottom of this page, the original front verandah of the older-style home had certainly seen better days. It was bringing down the look of the home and the street appeal. The roof structure was in good condition, however, the concrete deck and steel posts had to go.

When Kose and his team from our North Western & Western Melbourne branch were called in, the first thing they did after their quote was accepted was prepare the plans and arrange the permits from the local council.

Once that was ticked off, the team needed to prop up the verandah roof of the Coburg home so that the structure underneath could be demolished safely. With that done and the old materials removed, the foundations were dug and a new timber deck on stumps installed. Cypress pine posts were then added to support the verandah roof.

Timber was used throughout to replace the concrete deck and steel posts. Timber was chosen as it matched the materials used in the verandah roof and complemented the weatherboards and timber windows perfectly.

As we’re sure you’ll agree, the result is amazing. After a touch of paint, the new verandah has added significant value – and street appeal – to the Coburg home.

Melbourne verandah evokes nostalgic charm

One of the keys of the success of the project is the way that the new verandah perfectly matches the existing home.

In fact, it does even more than this. It evokes a nostalgic charm, because older style Australian verandahs remain cherished in the country’s architectural history. The iconic verandahs that often adorn many traditional homes in Australia don’t just add character, they’re also functional.

With their timber floors and decorative features, they create inviting spaces to relax and enjoy the outdoors. A symbol of Australian heritage, verandahs provide shade from the scorching sun and shelter from rain, fostering a connection with nature and a sense of community.

Preserving these older verandahs honours the past while enriching the present, offering a timeless and quintessentially Australian experience to be cherished for generations to come.

Outside Concepts for your new Melbourne verandah

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A new verandah in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg has breathed life into an older-style home.

A new verandah in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg has breathed life into an older-style home.