One of the key areas that people have trouble with when considering an outside structure is the overall look they are after.

Should the structure be modern, contemporary, classical, federation or some other style? What colours should you use? What materials will give you the look you’re after? What roof style should you choose?

There are two main things Outside Concepts’ specialist will look for when advising clients on factors such as building style, colours, materials and roof. Firstly, there’s the look of existing structures, in particular the home. This is especially important if the outside structure is going to be adjoining or close to the house. Secondly, there’s the surrounding environment to consider. Are you in a suburban environment or a bush setting? What trees and shrubs are growing in your garden? Do you have existing paths or other large surfaces?

Our Outside Concepts specialists have the knowledge to help clients with every aspect of an outside project, including achieving the perfect look. Take this timber verandah and deck, for example. The client wanted a verandah and deck that would blend in and enhance the look of their property and backyard. Factors such as a hardwood deck, colours that match and compliment the house, a gable roof and clear sheeting to let natural light in help achieve these aims perfectly.

So if you’re looking for a new outside structure and need help achieving the perfect look, give Outside Concepts a call today!

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