Sit back in your favourite chair, close your eyes and picture the perfect patio for your Adelaide home. What does it look like? Apart from the patio itself, what else can you picture? Lights, outdoor blinds, a large barbecue, a water feature, the surrounding garden. The perfect Adelaide patio for you is unlikely to be the perfect patio for everyone, so let’s explore how to create your perfect outdoor haven.

Perfect Adelaide patio – key points


It can hardly be the perfect patio without the patio. We’ve developed many blogs (see this Adelaide patio blog, for example) on how to design and build an outdoor living area that perfectly suits your needs. In brief, the key decisions involve aspects such as style, size, materials and colours.

You’ll want a patio that matches or complements your Adelaide home and, practically-speaking, meets your relaxation and entertainment requirements.

If you live in the eastern parts of Adelaide, Outside Concepts Eastern Branch Manager, Brian Rohan, can help you with all aspects of designing and building a new patio. You can organise a no obligation discussion and a free quote by phoning 1800 601 674.


While it’s probably too cold to be sitting outside on these winter nights (or maybe not, see heating below), it will soon be summer again. Having lighting will extend the hours that you can use your patio for relaxation and entertaining.

If you’re building a new patio, you might want to consider adding lighting into the design. Alternatively, you can add lighting to your existing patio. It doesn’t need to be too elaborate or expensive. A simple set or two of string lights will brighten the area at night and create a wonderful ambience.


Another way to extend your outdoor living area’s usability is to add heating, so you’ll even be able to sit outside on a winter night. There are many options available that will make your outdoor living area cosy and in some cases (fire pit, outdoor fireplace, etc) add loads of atmosphere.


The perfect Adelaide patio needs comfortable furniture. That’s a given. It’s not as easy as going into your local store and picking something, however. You’ll want furniture that, like your patio, suits your needs. If you want to eat outside, you’ll want a dining setting. If you want to relax, you may want a lounge setting, or potentially a hammock or hanging chair. Also consider the style when buying new furniture and choose something that complements your patio’s style and possibly the style of your inside furniture.

Outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds serve many purposes. They’ll help make the temperature inside your patio more comfortable, in hot, cold, windy and rainy weather. They’ll also help with privacy and to help keep insects from spoiling your relaxation.


Surrounding your outdoor space with lots of greenery not only helps to make it a more relaxing area, it will help define the space and add beauty. Don’t stop with the surrounding garden beds, add some plants in pots as well.

And more…

Water features, outdoor cushions, throw rugs, tea light candles and other accessories will further personalise your Adelaide patio and make it the perfect patio for you.

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When you’ve finished picturing your perfect Adelaide patio, give Outside Concepts a call and we’ll turn your picture into reality.
When you’ve finished picturing your perfect Adelaide patio, give Outside Concepts a call and we’ll turn your picture into reality.