While every summer is hot in most parts of Australia, this summer seems to have been a little more stifling than normal. For many, this is a good reason to head indoors to the sanctuary of air conditioning, but for others it’s simply the time to make use of one of the best investments for an outdoor living area – outdoor blinds.

While outdoor blinds do provide benefits all-year-round (see the benefits of outdoor blinds below), they are perhaps most valuable when the summer sun beats down and the temperatures go up. That’s because outdoor blinds do an excellent job of providing shade in your outdoor area. So, if you have a side or sides of your patio, pergola or verandah that need protection, outdoor blinds will be well worth considering.

The benefits of outdoor blinds:

  • While outdoor blinds are perfect for your outdoor living area, to help keep the temperature down, they’ll also do a terrific job of keeping the inside of your home cooler. Around 40 per cent of the heat in your home enters via the windows and outdoor blinds will help reduce this.
  • It’s not just the sun and the temperature that will heat up your outdoor living area; a hot wind will also make you uncomfortable. Outdoor blinds help to block the wind, which makes them handy in summer and also on days when cool winds make your outdoor area uninviting.
  • Rain is also no match for a well-fitted set of outdoor blinds.
  • Keeping the elements out of your outdoor living area is also beneficial for outdoor furniture, your barbecue, other items and even your timber decking or other floor surface. A timber deck, for example, that is in the sun for lengthy periods compared to one that isn’t, will require more maintenance to keep it looking its best.
  • Are prying neighbours an issue for your outdoor living area, or can your outside area be easily viewed from the street? Some outdoor blind fabrics are excellent for providing greater privacy. It’s even possible to have blinds that allow you to see out without others seeing in. Now that’s clever!
  • Outdoor blinds can also help keep mosquitoes and other pests out of your outdoor living area.
  • If you live in a dusty area, outdoor blinds can help to keep dust off your precious outdoor furniture.

After reading these benefits, we’re sure you’ll agree that outdoor blinds are certainly practical. What’s more, they’re also good looking and come in a range of fabrics to suit all situations. Plus, many of today’s outdoor blinds don’t need to be rolled up and down to use. For example, a popular option is the Ziptrak system, a track-guided design that allows your outdoor blinds to be easily lowered and raised. This system will allow you to stop your blinds at any height, giving you greater control over the elements. You can even get outdoor blinds that can be raised and lowered by a remote system, or even via a sun-sensor. Some may see this is a little lazy; we think it’s just darn smart!

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Outdoor Blinds in Busselton, WA, and Canberra, ACT

While all our branches sell and install outdoor blinds, our Busselton Branch in Western Australia and our Canberra Branch in the ACT are outdoor blind specialists, so are great choices if you live in those areas. The main image on this page shows a recent project by our Busselton Branch of heavy duty Ziptrak outdoor blinds. The Ziptrak blinds can now span up to 6 metres, removing the need for posts in most cases.

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Outdoor blinds can help control the temperature, rain and wind, and be lowered or raised from the comfort of your chair. More like super blinds!