If even the thought of getting outside into your Busselton outdoor living area leaves you in a sweat this summer, we have the solution. Outdoor blinds installed on your patio, pergola or verandah are magic for lowering the temperature, allowing you to enjoy your outside space more often.

What’s the secret behind Busselton outdoor blinds in the heat?

What makes outdoor blinds, fitted to your Busselton outdoor area, so effective in reducing the temperature?

6 ways outdoor blinds can beat the heat

  1. Sunlight control: Outdoor blinds provide a shield against direct sunlight, preventing the harsh rays from penetrating into your living space. By controlling the amount of sunlight exposure, your blinds will help reduce the overall temperature, creating a more pleasant atmosphere.
  2. Heat reflection: Many outdoor blinds come equipped with fabrics that reflect sunlight away and minimise heat absorption. This reflective property aids in maintaining a cooler environment, especially during peak sunlight hours.
  3. Ventilation: The best outdoor blinds fabrics to reduce the heat are breathable, allowing for improved air circulation. This helps contribute to a naturally cooler space.
  4. UV ray protection: Outdoor blinds often come with UV-resistant features, providing protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. This not only safeguards you and your family from potential health risks, but it also assists in keeping the temperature at a more moderate level. Your outdoor furniture will also appreciate the UV protection.
  5. Shade creation: One of the primary functions of outdoor blinds is to create shade. By strategically positioning blinds to block the path of the sun, a shaded area is established, significantly reducing the temperature inside your outdoor living area. This shading effect is particularly valuable for outdoor living spaces exposed to intense sunlight.
  6. Weather resistance: Outdoor blinds provide a barrier against hot winds that can drive up the temperature in your outdoor space. This same feature is great when it rains. This ensures your outdoor living space remains comfortable regardless of external weather elements.

Incorporating outdoor blinds into your living space not only adds aesthetic appeal but also plays a pivotal role in temperature management. By combining sunlight control, heat reflection, ventilation enhancement, UV ray protection, shade creation and weather resistance, these blinds offer a comprehensive solution for creating a cooler and more enjoyable outdoor environment.

Don’t forget also, that what’s good for your outdoor living area can also pay dividends for inside your home. Outdoor blinds and awnings fitted to your home’s windows can reduce the temperature inside the house and, in turn, keep your energy bills lower.

Quality blinds, quality workmanship the key

While most outdoor blinds will help to reduce the temperature, to get optimum results you need quality blinds, measured and fitted expertly.

Which is exactly what Outside Concepts Branch in Busselton does.

We only use the best quality outdoor blinds, sourced from Australia’s leading manufacturer, Pinz. Plus, when it comes to quality measuring and fitting, Nicola and Brett from our Busselton Branch are the best in the land. In fact, they focus their entire efforts on supplying outdoor blinds and awnings for customers in Busselton and surrounds. It’s what they do and they’re experts at it.

Contact Outside Concepts Busselton Branch by phoning 1800 601 674 or by going to their website page and submitting a contact form.

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It’s been a hot summer in Busselton and surrounds. One way you can reduce the effects of the hot temperatures is outdoor blinds, expertly measured, sourced and installed by Outside Concepts.
It’s been a hot summer in Busselton and surrounds. One way you can reduce the effects of the hot temperatures is outdoor blinds, expertly measured, sourced and installed by Outside Concepts.