Most Busselton people have a bit of a blind spot when they’re thinking of ways of making their outdoor living area more comfortable during winter. They consider adding a heating source, such as an electric or gas heater, but they don’t think about keeping the cold out and the warmth in by utilising the benefits of outdoor blinds.

The benefits of outdoor blinds in Busselton

Part of the reason why people don’t think about outdoor blinds during winter is they consider blinds to be more beneficial in summer, to keep the heat out. And while it’s true that outdoor blinds are great in hot conditions, they’re also brilliant in cold.

Quality outdoor blinds, installed well, will keep the cold wind and rain out of your Busselton outdoor living area, making the conditions much more comfortable. When heating systems (see below) are added to your outdoor living area, they’ll also do a great job of keeping the heat in, where you need it. This in turn means you can enjoy relaxing and entertaining in your outdoor living area more often, even when the weather turns cold.

But, of course, the benefits of outdoor blinds don’t end there:

  • As mentioned, outdoor blinds are terrific during summer. They keep hot winds and the hot sun out of your outdoor living area, dropping the temperature considerably.
  • Outdoor blinds are incredibly versatile. Modern blinds can be fully opened or closed, or even partly opened, thanks to track-guided systems. This allows you to control the climate to your liking.
  • The track guided systems also make the job of opening and closing your blinds much easier than the old roll-up blinds. They can be opened by hand (or finger would be more correct!) or, if you prefer, by a motorised opening system.
  • Outdoor blinds look great. They come in a wide range of colours and will suit any style of home.
  • Outdoor blinds can also help to keep those pesky insects out of your Busselton outdoor living area.
  • Have a large opening to cover? No worries. The outdoor blinds we install can be up to six metres wide and 3.5 metres tall. A removable post can even be used for wider applications.

Add some heat to your Busselton outdoor living area

While it’s true that outdoor blinds are a great investment, there will be days when you’ll need to heat your outdoor living area to make it comfortable enough to venture outside. There are a variety of options to consider:

  • Gas heaters come in a range of styles, including the upright gas patio heaters that were once virtually the only option. Most are fuelled by a gas bottle, but if you’d prefer you can choose a gas heater that will integrate with your home’s natural gas system.
  • Electric heaters have also come a long way since the first ones were produced. Again, there are a variety of options, including freestanding and wall/roof mounted, and plugin or hardwired.
  • For atmosphere, it’s hard to go past a fire pit, chiminea or other open wood-fired heater.
  • For the ultimate in luxury and ambience, consider an outdoor heater similar to the ones you’d install inside. You can choose between gas or wood-fired, and freestanding or integrated.
  • Combining food and heat can be a great idea, with a pizza oven or wood-fired stove.

Outside Concepts in Busselton are the outdoor blind specialists

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Installing outdoor blinds on your Busselton outdoor living area can help get you outside to relax and entertain more often.

Installing outdoor blinds on your Busselton outdoor living area can help get you outside to relax and entertain more often.