The weather in Busselton is cooling and our nights are certainly getting chilly, so you may be wondering why we’re doing a post on outdoor blinds at this time of the year. You’ll probably know that outdoor blinds are great during the hot weather and can make your outdoor living room heaps cooler, but are they really beneficial in the cold weather?

Well, yes they are!

365 days of benefits with Busselton outdoor blinds:

  • If you think outdoor blinds are great during the hot weather, you’re spot on. Outdoor blinds installed on an outdoor living area will do a great job of keeping the hot sun out and will appreciably cool the area. Outdoor blinds installed on windows will do a similar job in helping to keep your house cool. They’re particularly useful for westerly aspects or windows that are difficult to shade.
  • In winter, the benefits of Busselton outdoor blinds keep on rolling along. Well designed and installed blinds will keep the cold wind out of your outdoor living area, making it more comfortable to sit outside in cooler weather. Plus, if you install outdoor heating, the blinds will be perfect for keeping your outdoor living area warm. You’ll likely find that you can use your outdoor living area comfortably all-year-round.
  • Another great advantage of outdoor blinds, and it certainly applies to Busselton where we average close to 100mms or more of rain during each month of winter, is the ability for them to keep rain out.

Today’s outdoor blinds aren’t just practical and beneficial, they look great and are easy to use.

Depending on the outdoor blind material you want (and Outside Concepts in Busselton can help you make the right choice) you’ll be able to choose a colour that matches or complements your home.

Plus, you can choose outdoor blinds in a range of systems – from simple and economical roll-up, to track-guided systems that can even include remote motorised operation and a sun sensor. So you’ll be able to open and close your outdoor blinds, even when you’re not there!

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