With summer temperatures soaring, most of us are looking for ways of keeping the inside of our homes cooler, but what about the outside? Summer isn’t the time to head indoors, it’s the time to get outside into our outdoor living areas and that’s where outdoor blinds can help.

A key reason that outdoor blinds will assist to keep your outdoor living area cooler is that they provide shade. Sure, a roof on your pergola, patio or verandah is going to be your prime source of shade, but a roof won’t help much when the sun is lower in the sky. This is particularly the case for westerly sun, which is generally the hottest and will soon have most people scurrying inside on a hot day.

This is where outdoor blinds really are worth their weight in gold. But it’s not the only reason to install outdoor blinds.

Outdoor blinds benefits:

  • Outdoor blinds will also help to keep the wind, including hot winds, from entering your outdoor living area. With the harsh sun and hot winds kept at bay, your outdoor area can be at least several degrees cooler than it would be without outdoor blinds.
  • Outdoor blinds will also help to keep windswept rains from entering your outdoor living area, allowing you to stay outside and enjoy the rain on the roof!
  • Keeping harsh sun and rain out of your outdoor living area is also beneficial for outdoor furniture and will help to lengthen its life.
  • If you’ve nosy neighbours or your outdoor living area looks over your street, outdoor blinds will do a great job of providing privacy. Some outdoor blind fabrics even allow you to see out while preventing prying eyes from seeing in. Now that’s smart!
  • It’s not just hot weather that can be an unwelcome guest when you’re outside, as mosquitoes and other insects can also be a nuisance. Outdoor blinds will do a great job of keeping pesky critters where they belong and let you enjoy your outdoor space.
  • If you live in a dusty area, outdoor blinds will also help to keep dust off your precious outdoor furniture.

In addition to these benefits, today’s outdoor blinds look great and are extremely versatile and easy to use. Plus, they’ll add value to your home.

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