With the ACT’s lockdown stretching on and on, suddenly us Canberrans are finding out first-hand just how restrictive a lockdown can be. Many of us are also discovering just how important it is to have access to a good outdoor living area, one fitted with quality outdoor blinds to increase the time you can spend outdoors.

If you don’t have outdoor blinds for your Canberra home, however, now is not the time to get online to organise a set to be posted to you or to do a click and collect. Consider investing in quality blinds with Outside Concepts. After all, life is too short to compromise on outdoor blinds!

Why Outside Concepts Canberra for your outdoor blinds?

There are two Outside Concepts branches that fully focus their attention on providing outdoor blinds and awnings for customers and our Canberra branch is one of them. This means that when it comes to these products, our Canberra branch manager Tony Cibiras is a specialist.

Tony can measure, supply and install all styles and types of outdoor blinds and awnings. Get your project done with Tony and you’ll be fully satisfied with your investment for many years to come. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of outdoor blinds and awnings and will be able to spend more time outdoors in colder and hotter weather.

The other important thing to note about using Tony for your outdoor blinds in Canberra is that he only uses the finest quality suppliers, in this case Pinz Blinds. Pinz is a leading manufacturer of blinds, awnings and other products. Their factory is cutting edge and their attention to detail is second-to-none.

Outside Concepts relationship with Pinz means we can source their highest quality outdoor blinds at very competitive prices. So, when you use Outside Concepts, you not only get a great job, you also get the job completed at an excellent price.

Customised outdoor blinds in Canberra

When you choose a specialist measurer, supplier and installer (i.e. branch manager Tony Cibiras) and a quality manufacturer (i.e. Pinz Blinds) you’re guaranteed of a great job. However, there’s another key reason why you should choose Outside Concepts, rather than a hardware or online store, for your outdoor blinds. That is simply our ability to customise your blinds.

For starters, what if your opening isn’t a standard size? Off the shelf solutions simply aren’t going to cut it, but it’s not an issue for Tony who can measure and supply for practically any size opening.

Then you need to consider the material you want to use. PVC is great in winter while mesh fabrics are versatile and will help keep your outdoor living area cooler in summer and warmer in winter. There are a variety of materials you can choose, each providing different benefits. For example, some fabrics allow you to see out while prying eyes can’t see in.

Plus there’s also the operating system to consider, with options such as hand crank, Ziptrak and automated operation available. The Ziptrak track guided system is particularly popular as it allows blinds to be easily raised and lowered, and partly opened (or closed, depending on your perspective!) for control.

Contact Outside Concepts today

Contact Tony Cibiras and his team at Outside Concepts Canberra today for a free measure and quote on new outdoor blinds. When you use Tony for your outdoor blinds there is no compromise.

Life’s too short to compromise. Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 for a free quote.

Quality outdoor living and quality outdoor blinds can help Canberra get through this lockdown.
Quality outdoor living and quality outdoor blinds can help Canberra get through this lockdown.