With summer behind us and the warmer weather slowly but surely disappearing, it’s time to start preparing for cooler conditions. But that doesn’t mean you need to head indoors for the next few months. With a bit of preparation, and help from outdoor blinds, you can spend more time in your outdoor living area when the weather turns cool.

Outdoor blinds for all seasons

‘Hang on’, you might be thinking. ‘Aren’t outdoor blinds great in hot conditions? Why use them when the weather turns cold?’

It’s certainly correct that outdoor blinds are great in hot conditions, but they are also excellent in the cold. Quality outdoor blinds that have been expertly installed will keep cold breezes and rain from entering your outdoor living area, and will also help to keep heat inside. They’re particularly great when combined with an outdoor heater, as the outdoor blinds will stop all that gorgeous heat from being blown away.

Which is why today’s outdoor blinds are great for all seasons.

Here are other reasons why you should consider installing outdoor blinds on your outdoor living area:

  • Outdoor blinds can be made from a variety of fabrics that are not only practical, they look great. They’re available in a wide range of colours to match or complement other colours used around your home.
  • Remember the first outdoor blinds that took ages to roll up? Forget them! The best solution for today’s outdoor living areas are track-guided systems that can easily be opened and closed. These blinds can even be partly opened, providing flexibility to cope with all weather conditions. Want the luxury option? Then choose a motorised system and you’ll be able to operate your blinds while sitting down!
  • Outdoor blinds on your outdoor living area will also help if you have issues with privacy. There are even fabrics that allow you to see out while others can’t see in.
  • During the warmer months, outdoor blinds will help to keep the inside of your house cool, as well as your outdoor living area.
  • Outdoor blinds do a great job of keeping unwanted guests out (i.e. bugs, flies and mosquitos).
  • Outdoor blinds don’t just protect you, they’ll help to protect outdoor furniture from harsh sun and rain.

To find out more about the benefits of outdoor blinds, see our Outdoor Blinds page on the website.

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