There are essentially two main reasons that people in Busselton choose to have outdoor blinds installed on their home or outdoor living area, but there are definitely more reasons to make the investment.

The two main reasons for choosing outdoor blinds are hot and cold. That is, when you install outdoor blinds on your Busselton home or patio, they’ll help to keep your space cooler or warmer. But as we mentioned in the opener, there are many more reasons to install outdoor blinds, which are today more clever, better looking and easier to use than ever before.

Outdoor blinds in Busselton benefits

  • Outdoor blinds installed on your Busselton home, or on your Busselton outdoor living area, will do a great job in keeping your space cool. For example, outdoor blinds installed on a home can help prevent harsh sun from reaching your glazing, which is responsible for around 87 per cent of the heat that enters your home in hot weather. Outdoor blinds, therefore, will help make you more comfortable inside and save you energy costs.
  • The heat loss through windows isn’t as great in the cold weather – it’s about 40 per cent – but that’s a significant amount of heat lost that you’d rather keep inside and outdoor blinds will help do this. On an outside space in Busselton, outdoor blinds will do a great job of keeping you warmer. PVC blinds are best to keep cold out and any heat you create in, but any good quality blind fabric will help.
  • Outdoor blinds will also do a great job of protecting you from winds. In Busselton, that means hot winds in summer and cold winds in winter. In many cases it’s these winds that can drive you inside more than the temperature, so by installing outdoor blinds on your patio you’ll be able to enjoy more time in the great outdoors.
  • What can stop the wind, can also stop the rain. Yes, even on windy days when the rain is coming in sideways!
  • Depending on your choice of fabric, outdoor blinds will help improve privacy. Perfect for the outdoor space or front windows that are open to prying neighbours and others. There are even some blind fabrics that allow you to see out, while stopping others from seeing in.
  • Outdoor blinds installed on your patio will also help to protect you from mosquitoes and other pests. They’ll also help to keep the sun off your precious outdoor furniture.
  • Remember the older style PVC blinds that you used to have to roll up by hand? Forget it! Today’s outdoor blinds are much more sophisticated than that. While you can get crank operation to keep the costs under control, you can also choose a track-guided system call Ziptrak that allow you to lower your blinds to any height you want. The Ziptrak system can be locked in the fully down position, providing a secure hold even in windy conditions. You can even make the Ziptrak system motorised, for the ultimate in comfort from your chair!

Busselton outdoor blinds specialists

If you live in Busselton you’re lucky. Outside Concepts’ branch managers in the area, Nicola and Brett Jacobson, focus their efforts on installing the best outdoor blinds and awnings on the market. It’s all they do and they’re darn good at it.

For a free, no-obligation quote to have outdoor blinds installed on your Busselton home, phone 1800 601 674 or submit a contact form on Nicola and Brett’s web page.