If you’re considering building a new timber deck for your Adelaide home, where you live can play a big part. If you live in the inner-city, virtually anything goes – as long as you comply with your local council’s requirements. While if you live in our leafy surrounds – say the Adelaide Hills, there are extra precautions you need to take due to the risk of bushfires.

In this blog we’ll take a look at some of the basic differences and how they may shape your new timber deck.

A new timber deck in the city of Adelaide

If you live in the city of Adelaide or one of the surrounding suburbs that are considered low bushfire risk, it’s likely you can build whatever type of timber deck you want. The only restrictions will be your imagination, your budget and any council requirements you need to follow.

For example, you’ll be able to choose any materials you like. Timber is most commonly used for the sub-frame as it sturdy and ecnomical. You can choose and use any timber decking boards that you like, including merbau or one of the stunning eucalyptus boards. And if you need a railing around part or all of your new deck, you can choose timber or another material.

A new timber deck in the bush

If you live in the Adelaide Hills or another leafy suburb of Adelaide, things may be a bit more restrictive for your new timber deck.

Like other parts of South Australia, areas around Adelaide have been mapped according to the level of bushfire risk. Areas include general risk, medium risk, high risk, regional, outback and urban interface.

You can read more about building or developing in a bushfire prone area on the South Australia Government website.

What does this all mean for your new timber deck? In some cases, it may mean very little while in others you’ll need to make significant changes to your planning. This can include, depending on your level or risk:

  • Enclosing the space below the timber deck.
  • Using bushfire resistant timber or non-combustible materials for the sub-frame and the deck surface. This can include the need to use a steel sub-frame in higher risk areas. For the deck surface, in some areas you may not be able to use bushfire resistant timber and may need to choose tiles or another non-combustible surface.
  • Using non-combustible or bushfire resistant timber for any railing required.
  • Potentially ensuring there is no spacing between decking boards.

Take confusion out of the equation

So, what type of deck can you build for your Adelaide home?

To take confusion out of the equation and to ensure the safety of your family in bushfire prone areas, simply get Outside Concepts to do all the work for you. Brian Rohan and his team from our Adelaide Eastern Branch have significant experience in building decks in the Adelaide area. They also have a thorough understanding of building in areas where bushfire risk is higher.

To chat about your project, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 and we’ll organise a time for Brian to visit you.

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Can you build a new timber deck in a bushfire prone area in Adelaide?
Can you build a new timber deck in a bushfire prone area in Adelaide?