With the weather getting cooler in most states and territories of Australia you might be tempted to head indoors. But if you’ve got a good outdoor living area, it’s a shame to only use it for part of the year. Particularly when there are many good outdoor heating options that will allow you stay outside to entertain and relax a lot longer.

So what are these outdoor heating options and which one is best for you?

  1. The most common type is the gas patio heater. They’ve been around for years, although their look has certainly changed. While you can still get the standard upright gas patio heater, there are many modern and sleek variations that not only do a great job of keeping your outdoor living area warm, but also look great.
  2. One of the issues with gas patio heaters is you need to keep replacing the gas bottle. Which is not a problem for the range of natural gas outdoor heaters. They are generally ceiling or wall mounted, and are integrated into your home’s gas system. This makes them more expensive to install, as you’ll need qualified tradespeople, but less to run.
  3. Another outdoor heating option is the range of electric patio heaters. You can get models that are freestanding and you others that are ceiling or wall mounted. The freestanding and some ceiling/wall mounted heaters plug into your outdoor powerpoint, while the more expensive, better quality electric heaters will be wired into the mains electricity.
  4. If you love ambience as well as heat, then products such as fire pits and chimeneas may be your best option. They are perhaps less user-friendly, but nothing beats the atmosphere created by a wood fire.
  5. If budget is less of a concern and you have the space, an outdoor heater similar to the heaters that you would install inside are a great choice. They can be freestanding but a popular choice these days is to integrate them into your outdoor area. There are models that burn wood and ones that run on gas, that look like real flames.

Which outdoor heating option is best for you? It really comes down to budget and your individuality. If you love a wood fire and don’t mind buying and chopping wood, a fire pit or chiminea is a great option. If you’re more of a no-mess, no-fuss person, having a system that turns on at a flick of a switch will be best.

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