While a big part of Christmas is about getting up early to watch the kids open their presents, most of us ‘oldies’ would prefer to make a nice cuppa and enjoy some peace and quiet outside, before preparing for Christmas lunch in your outdoor living area.

But what if your outdoor living area had its heyday in the 20th century? Or, worse still, what if your outdoor living area is only big enough for an intimate gathering or two or is non-existent? Don’t worry, help is at hand with these tips from Outside Concepts.

Get your outdoor living area Christmas-ready

Even if your outdoor living is in good shape, it’s a great idea to give it some attention before the big day, if you’re planning on having friends or family around:

  • Firstly, take a close look. Are there any cracked decking boards, peeling paint, loose roofing sheets or other issues that need attention? Most items are likely to be simple fixes, but with only 6 weeks until Christmas, now’s the time to get them done.
  • Now, stand back and have a broader look at your outdoor living area. Are your furniture, barbecue and other items in their best positions? Will you need more furniture for visitors? You won’t necessarily have to buy more furniture – dragging a kitchen table or chairs outside for one day makes perfect sense and you can dress it all up with tablecloths and other decorations.
  • Give your outdoor living furniture a good clean now and a quick go-over a couple of days before Christmas. No one likes to sit on chairs full of cobwebs or bird droppings!
  • Consider what you’ll do if Christmas day is rainy or cold (the cold is probably not a consideration in northern states!). If you have a large roof you’ll be laughing, but if the roof won’t cover your guest consider a shade sail or, for temporary measures, have a tarpaulin on hand. Also, outdoor blinds are well worth considering and you’ll enjoy their benefits long after Christmas has passed.
  • If you have a timber deck, re-oil it. The sight of a freshly oiled deck is a beautiful one!
  • While your partner’s busy getting your outdoor living area up to scratch, you might like to get busy in the kitchen. There are plenty of things you can prepare ahead (think Christmas pudding and shortbread) that will save you time when the pressure is on.

Help, I need a new outdoor living area

If your outdoor living area is non-existent, too small or needs replacing, unfortunately it’s likely to be too late for this year. While our Outside Concepts branch people can work fast, waiting for council planning will almost definitely take too long.

However, it is a good idea to get things started, so you can enjoy your new outdoor living area in summer and next Christmas. Give Outside Concepts a call and we’ll organise a free quote and design for you.

If you’re still determined to spend Christmas outdoors, and why wouldn’t you, there are some things you can still do:

  • If you have a garage or carport, perhaps you could shift the cars for a day and use this space.
  • If you have an open space and the weather is favourable, bring your inside furniture outdoors for the day. Just remember to do your skin a favour and slip, slop, slap.

Looking for a solution for your outdoor living area this Christmas? Call us now for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

Imagine the joy you’ll experience this Christmas, spending time in your outdoor living area.