This period may be a great time to relax and spend time with the family, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to get those jobs done around your outdoor living area, so you can relax and entertain for another 12 months!

Here are Outside Concepts top tips for outdoor living area maintenance:

  • A great start point is to get out the hose, broom and brush, or a high pressure washer if you have one. Give everything a good clean to get rid of dust, grime and stains. This includes your outdoor living area structure, as well as the outdoor furniture, BBQ and any other items. Don’t forget to remove all the cobwebs that have been spun over the past months.
  • While you have the cleaning equipment handy, make sure you give your timber deck a good clean if you have one. While detergent from inside can be used, a specialised commercial deck cleaner will do an even better job of getting rid of built-in grime. Then, once the deck is dry, give it a coat or two of oil. A water-based oil is best, as it makes the job quicker and you’ll be back on the deck in no time.
  • With everything in your outdoor living area spick-and-span, do a quick check for any issues. Look for problems such as roof damage, a loose nail in the deck, a chipped tile or flaking paint. Most issues you find you’ll be able to fix straight away, otherwise, set aside some time in the future to get them fixed.
  • Cleaning gutters isn’t everyone’s favourite task (is it anyone’s?), but it’s a necessary job. Clogged gutters can lead to blocked downpipes, overflowing gutters and potentially water damage to your outdoor living area or home. In the country and on the city fringe, dirty gutters can also be a fire hazard.
  • Prune back any trees or large shrubs near your outdoor living area, particularly any that are scraping against posts, beams or the roof. Keeping the trees well pruned will also help to keep the gutters clean.
  • Remember, with all of these tips and particularly when up on a ladder, keep safety top of mind. Get someone to hold the ladder while you’re on it, or call in a professional if you’re not good with heights. After all, now’s not the best time of the year to spend time in hospital!

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Some quick maintenance on your outdoor living area will get it ready for the next several months of relaxation and entertaining.