With a number of television programs aimed at renovating, rejuvenating and refreshing your house to prepare it for sale, any avid watcher of these lifestyle programs will tell you that what’s outside the house is just as important as what’s inside, and that includes a great outdoor living area.

So if your outdoor living space is non-existent or more miss than hit, it’s time to do something about it… and perhaps call in the experts to get some help.

Here are some tips from Outside Concepts to improve your outdoor living areas:

  • You want to make your outdoor living area look great and inviting, but don’t over capitalise. A simple deck off the main living area will tick the boxes for potential buyers but won’t cost you the earth.
  • Take a critical look at your existing outdoor living area. Replacing roofing sheets, repainting, re-oiling the deck or simply giving the area a good clean with a pressure sprayer are relatively cheap and easy things to do and can help give your space more of a wow factor.
  • Look at the garden area surrounding your outdoor living area. Get rid of all weeds, plant some nice shrubs or annuals and mulch all garden beds.
  • Spruce up your garden furniture with some new padded seats or cushions.
  • Pots combined with shrubs or potted colour add style. If you don’t have any nice pots, buy some – the great thing is you get to take them with you after you sell!

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