It’s been a long, cold and sometimes wet and windy winter, however, thankfully the season (if not all the winter weather) is behind us. Which means that it’s time to spring into your Adelaide outdoor living area with our 7 key tips.

7 key tips for a spring-ready Adelaide outdoor living area

  1. Before you get the bucket and the broom out, take a breath and have a really good look around your Adelaide outdoor living area. What are you looking for? Essentially any issues such as nails or bolts that may have come loose, flaking or peeling paint, damage to your timber decking or a loose roofing sheet. Get these issues fixed, either with some of your clever DIY skills or with professional assistance.
  2. Once you’ve given your patio, pergola or verandah the once over, do the same with your outdoor furniture and barbecue. For your outdoor furniture, look for any loose bolts or any obvious damage or issues. Your barbecue will require some special attention, particularly to make sure it’s safe for the coming warmer weather. See ‘Know the drill before you grill’ for some excellent tips.
  3. Inspect and clean the gutters on your Adelaide outdoor living area and, while you’re at it, your entire house. This is a particularly important task if your house has deciduous trees nearby or even evergreen trees that drop leaves.
  4. Now it’s time to get cleaning. Get your Adelaide outdoor living area, furniture and barbecue spotless by removing all cobwebs, dust, grime and dirt. There are plenty of commercial products available to help, however, you can also concoct your own with items you probably have around the home. For example, for the BBQ, sprinkle baking soda on all surfaces, scrub with a damp brush and rinse down. A little kitchen detergent and water will generally do for other surfaces.
  5. If you have a timber deck and you get a nice warm day, re-oiling the decking boards is a terrific idea. This will not only get your deck looking fantastic, it will also help protect the timber for the next 365 days and beyond.
  6. Spend a bit of time tidying up the surrounding garden area and any pots. This can include weeding, mulching, trimming, fertilising and watering. You’ll be rewarded with a more attractive and enticing outdoor living area.
  7. With everything clean, now’s a good time to make any additions or improvements to your outdoor living area. Perhaps you need new garden furniture or a new barbecue. Perhaps a water feature, new pots, some potted colour or another feature would help the ambience. A trip to your local hardware store or nursery can help with inspiration.

1 tip for a new Adelaide outdoor living area

While there are seven tips to get your existing Adelaide outdoor living area up to scratch, there’s only one tip required if you need a new patio, pergola or patio, and that’s to contact Outside Concepts in Adelaide. We have branches right across Adelaide that can help you build your outdoor living dream.

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Spring-clean your Adelaide outdoor living area to get it ready for the warmer months.