One of the biggest trends in Australia, and it certainly holds true in Inner West Sydney, is to blend inside and outside living areas. That is, to create an outdoor living area that flows almost seamlessly from the inside to the outside.

How can you create the inside outside look for your house? How can you create the perfect outdoor living area for your Inner West Sydney home?

5 tips for better outdoor living in Inner West Sydney

  1. Create a perfect match. This means creating an outdoor living area for your Inner West Sydney home that perfectly matches the design, style and materials used in your house.
  2. If you have timber floors inside, it makes sense to build a timber deck for your new Inner West Sydney outdoor living area, to further enhance the inside outside flow. Because of exposure to the elements, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use the same timber outside that you’ve used inside, but you can choose a timber that is similar in width and colour, and lay the timber the same way. You should also consider using low-profile sliding door tracks to further blur the line of inside and outside.
  3. Use outdoor furniture that is similar to the furniture you have inside. It doesn’t need to be the same, just try to incorporate similar tones, colours and materials.
  4. If space allows, have different zones in your new outdoor living area. Just as you have a dining area and living area inside, if you can create similar areas outside you’ll be enhancing the look and most importantly the functionality of your outdoor space.
  5. The addition of a ceiling and similar lighting to that used inside will make a huge difference in blending the inside of your home with the outside.

To make your new outdoor living area a reality, contact Ashley Schwab and his team from Outside Concepts in Ryde, Gladesville and Inner West Sydney.

One of Ashley’s specialties is creating outdoor living areas, such as patios and verandahs, that perfectly match your existing home. By paying special attention to the style of your home, the materials used, special features and colours, Ashley and his team can create an outdoor living area for your Inner West Sydney home that creates the indoor outdoor blend that is so popular today.

Get in contact with Ashley, to arrange a no-obligation discussion, quote and design, by phoning Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674

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Outdoor living in Inner West Sydney - make it special.