With around half of Australia’s population currently in lockdown, our home is not only our sanctuary it’s practically our life. Which is why the gap between the outdoor living area haves and have nots has suddenly got much wider.

Outdoor living area benefits shine during COVID

The value of having a good outdoor living area has grown in Australia over the last few decades. But, having an outdoor space – somewhere you can escape to for a few minutes or a few hours to get some fresh air – has probably never been more important than in the past 18 months. Now, with parts of NSW and all of Victoria in lockdown, the importance of the outdoor space has been highlighted again.

Why is having an outdoor living area so important, now more than ever?

There are perhaps many reasons, but with many of us feeling stressed, anxious or depressed during these unusual times, perhaps the most important reason is that getting outside can help reduce our mental health.

According to an article on the Psychological Health Care website, getting outdoors more can help with mood disorders. In summary, the article says:

  • Being outdoors reduces stress.
  • Being in natural lights helps improve sleep
  • Getting outside provides an important break for your mind, from work, TV and technology. Although, if you want to work outside or catch up with social media while sitting in your outdoor living area of course you can do so. You’ll still enjoy benefits you won’t inside.
  • Spending time outdoors increases social interaction. You could argue that this benefit is decreased when it’s only your backyard, but even reconnecting with family during lockdown, or entertaining friends when we’re not, can help our social interaction.
  • Being outdoors encourage physical activity. Granted, your outdoor living area is hardly big enough for a jog, but simply getting into your outdoor space may encourage you to continue out the gate for a walk or run.

So, what do you do if you don’t have an outdoor living area to help you improve mental health? It’s obviously too late for our current lockdowns, but it could be a good idea to start planning for a new outdoor space for when things return to a more normal existence. And a good first step in this planning is to contact Outside Concepts.

Outside Concepts are the outdoor living area specialists

Outside Concepts have been helping Australians with their outdoor living spaces since 1991. Since that time, we’ve literally helped thousands of homeowners and become a trusted leader in the home improvement market.

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Now more than ever, having an outdoor living area you can escape to is vital.

Now more than ever, having an outdoor living area you can escape to is vital.