Imagine enjoying your new Mornington Peninsula outdoor living area on a beautiful summer day, with your friends and family. The temperature is perfect, the day is sunny and the only care you have is not to burn the steaks on the barbecue!

Relaxed garden outdoor living patios and decks with roofs.

OK, we get it; it’s a bit difficult to create this image in your mind when it’s mid-winter and the temperature is struggling to get to the mid-teens. But, if you want your new Mornington Peninsula outdoor living area to be ready for summer, it’s time to act now because it can take two months and sometimes even longer for a new patio, pergola or verandah to be built.

Why will it take that long to build your new Mornington Peninsula outdoor living area? A significant part of the lengthy period is the council application process, which most outdoor living projects will need to go through. This process can take between five and 12 weeks in total, depending on where you live, and building work can only begin after full approval has been given.

The good news is that while this process will likely delay the building of your Mornington Peninsula outdoor living area, if you use Outside Concepts we’ll help you every step of the way.

After you meet with your local Outside Concepts branch and they provide a free quote and design, you’ll then sign a contract confirming that you wish to proceed. We then prepare the plans and council applications, which will save you a lot of time, hassles and worries.

Outside Concepts Mornington Peninsula

The other good news if you live in the Mornington Peninsula area and are looking to build a new outdoor living area is that Outside Concepts can help you.

Our Mornington Branch is owned by Phil Cassar and he services all of the Mornington Peninsula area, including Dromana, Mornington Rosebud and Rye. He’s managed and built hundreds of outdoor projects (you can see images of two on this page) and during this time has gained significant knowledge about council requirements in the area, including the newest restrictions in fire prone areas.

Phil says new outdoor living areas are the most popular project in the Mornington Peninsula area, often featuring a timber deck and positioned to take advantage of the splendid views in the area.

“Much of our work involves adding, extending and renovating decks,” Phil says. “Understanding the recent amendments to the Victorian fire regulations and the overarching national regulations are critical to this work. I enjoy meeting people and talking to clients to find out what they want from their outdoor living project.”

To organise a quote for your new Mornington Peninsula outdoor living area, or for any other outdoor project, contact Phil. You can phone 1800 601 674 or complete the form on his branch page.

Concept to clean up. Call Outside Concepts for a free quote on 1800 601 674.

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A new Mornington Peninsula outdoor living area will get great use once the warmer weather rolls around.