If you’ve been considering building a new patio for your Melbourne home, one thing you might have discovered is that you have two main choices. You can get an off the shelf – or we like to call them cookie-cutter – patio, or you can get a custom patio. The off the shelf patio may seem attractive because of the price, but as they say in the classics, you do get what you pay for.

There is a big difference between a custom patio and cookie-cutter patio. The off the shelf patio can look somewhat tacked on because it’s not designed to fit your space or lifestyle. The custom made Melbourne patio, on the other hand, is designed to your specifications, to suit your home, your space and your needs. This means you get the exact design you want, the size you need and the features you desire. There’s an extra cost involved, but for most people it’s worth it.

So, with all this choice provided by a custom Melbourne patio, what are the things you need to consider? Let’s take a look at the main considerations.

Custom Melbourne patio considerations

  • Size, is perhaps the main thing you need to consider. It’s not just about the size of patio you need now, you should also consider future needs. When thinking about size, consider how you will use your new patio. The size required will be a lot different, for example, if you love entertaining compared with someone who enjoys intimate gatherings.
  • What materials do you want to use. You could use one or two materials throughout or you could mix and match. For example, for the structure, you could use timber, but for the modern look with low-maintenance benefits steel may be a better choice. For the roof, you can choose tiles, metal or polycarbonate. And for the floor you can choose a beautiful timber deck or paving. One thing that many people do is simply to use the materials that are present in their home. This creates a perfect patio match that blends seamlessly with the home.
  • Patio style is increasingly important these days as we all want outdoor space with the wow factor. Similar to the materials, you could choose a style that perfectly matches your home and this works well. However, for a contemporary look, a patio style that compliments your home can also be a winner.
  • Colour selection is also a matter of whether you want to match your home or complement your home. You can do this by choosing complementary, monochromatic, analogous, triadic or tetradic colour scheme. For a full explanation see the colour wheel.

Create your dream Berwick custom patio

If you live in the Melbourne suburb of Berwick, there’s a person who can guide you through all these major considerations. Darren Cooper is the Outside Concepts’ Berwick Branch Manager and has many years of experience in the building industry.

To have a no-obligation discussion with Darren about your needs, and to receive a free quote and design, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674.

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A custom Melbourne patio can fulfil all your outdoor space needs.
A custom Melbourne patio can fulfil all your outdoor space needs.