While there are some that are happy to flaunt themselves for all the world to see, most of us desire a bit of privacy in our lives. And we’re not just talking about in the bedroom! When you use your outdoor living area to relax or entertain, there’s nothing worse than everyone and everything being on show to prying neighbours or people on the street.

Privacy is getting to be more and more of an issue in our outdoor living areas as our block sizes are shrinking. The proliferation of double-storey townhouses doesn’t help either. So, what if your outdoor living area needs to be more private? Can you turn what feels like a space you share with others into a secluded area of relaxation? Yes you can and this blog will hopefully give you some inspiration to make a start this weekend.

Outdoor living area privacy with plants

Plants are fantastic. They help the environment and nature, and even help us by releasing the oxygen we breathe. And plants are excellent for increasing privacy in your outdoor living area.

Of course, they’ve got to be the right plants. A shrub that’s only going to grow to a metre isn’t going to the do the trick. Neither is a plant that grows tall but has an open nature, allowing people to see through.

Your local nursery can help you choose the right plants for your area. If you’re after a quick fix, mature plants will be your best bet. However, these will come at a premium price. If you’re willing to wait, smaller plants that will grow tall and strong will keep the price down.

Remember, when choosing plants consider their maintenance needs and how much time is required to keep them healthy, strong and maintain a dense habit. Be realistic. If you enjoy gardening, having to spend an hour every six months tidying up your living privacy screen will be a breeze. If you don’t enjoy gardening, it will be a chore and you probably won’t do it for long.

Outdoor living area privacy with screens

As mentioned, if you want instant privacy you’ll need to go for mature plants, but another options is to erect a screen.

There are lots of choices here, including some you can purchase from your local hardware store and those that you can design and erect yourself or get someone to do for you (i.e. Outside Concepts!).

Outdoor living area privacy with outdoor blinds

While plants and other screens are excellent options to increase privacy in your outdoor living area, there’s one other method that is more flexible and has more benefits than you can throw a stick at. It’s outdoor blinds.

The flexibility comes with the ability for outdoor blinds to be opened and closed, allowing you to have privacy when you want and an open outdoor living area when you don’t. Difficult to do that with plants or other types of screens.

The benefits of outdoor blinds don’t end there, however. They’ll keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reduce noise, increase security, lower energy bills and protect your furniture and other items from harmful sun and UV rays. What’s more, with some outdoor blind fabrics, you can see out while prying eyes can’t see in.

So there you have it, our top tips for adding privacy to your outdoor living area. Don’t forget to give us a call if you’re looking for a quote on outdoor blinds or other screens. From concept to clean-up, you can rely on us.

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Looking to add some much needed privacy for your outdoor living area? Here are Outside Concepts’ top tips.
Looking to add some much needed privacy for your outdoor living area? Here are Outside Concepts’ top tips.