Outdoor living resolution

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New Year’s Day is here and Outside Concepts has a resolution to add to your list. Thankfully, it’s not an overly onerous resolution so there’s no excuse for not ticking it off. So, let’s get outside and make your outdoor living area the envy of friends and neighbours!

6 tips for a great outdoor living area

  1. The first job is easy and you’ll only need to use your eyes. Simply look around for any issues. It might be a loose nail in the deck, flaking paint or a loose roofing sheet. When you’ve finished looking, start doing by fixing any issues. Sorry, you’ll need more than your eyes to do that!
  2. Remove leaves and other debris from your gutters. Probably best to do your whole house while you’re at it. While we might class rain getting into your outdoor living area a catastrophe, most people might think rain entering your house due to blocked gutters is a bigger issue.
  3. If you have a timber deck, now’s a great time to re-oil it. Once a year is best but if your deck hasn’t been re-oiled for several years don’t worry, a re-oil now should get it back on track. Start by giving the deck a good clean, preferably with a commercial deck cleaner and a high-pressure sprayer. Then, once dry, apply a good quality oil (preferably a water-based oil as it will make the job even easier and quicker). You can use a brush, roller or decking applicator. For best results, allow to dry and apply a second coat.
  4. The high-pressure sprayer will also come in handy for the next job, which is to give every outdoor living surface area a good clean. If you don’t have a high-pressure sprayer, items likes brooms, mops, rags and a standard garden hose will do the job. Don’t forget the BBQ and garden furniture, while you’re at it.
  5. If you have trees or large shrubs near your outdoor living area, trim back where necessary. Branches scraping against posts, beams or roofing can be annoying and potentially damaging.
  6. With everything clean, how’s your outdoor living area looking now? Hopefully great, but if it’s still not the enticing area you want, it’s time to give the experts a call. Outside Concepts can help you create the outdoor living area you are looking for. It all starts with a phone call, so get your mobile out and give us a call. But not today – it’s New Year’s Day and we’re busy cleaning our outdoor living areas (or getting over last night)!

Life’s too short to compromise. Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 for a free quote.

Improve your outdoor living area this summer holidays.


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